Automotive Training Center

What is Automotive Training Centre?

Automotive Training Centre specializes in the technical training for marine and automotive service industries. It has developed some technology programs that ensures in making successful automotive technicians. It has created the perfect balance between the shop and class timings which allows you to enter your workforce along with the required tools; you may need to be a successful professional.

The Automotive Training Center was established in 1917 which was then running under Spring Garden College in the province of Philadelphia, PA. With its advent it has earned the reputation to transform the students to the most experienced and expert professionals delivering high quality work in several grounds. It has now grown into one of the most desired institutes for the technical and marine trainings. By the year 2012, it has spread its wings by having an independent identity with two new divisions working as its branches.

Automotive Training CenterMission of Automotive Training Centre

The ultimate mission of the Automotive Training Center is to ensure in delivering quality professionals at your doorstep. They have set a few standards in accomplishing their mission:

•    The Automotive Training Centre teaches you the fundamentals of a successful technician.

•    It works to instill some of the intangible values such as confidence, teamwork, professionalism, leadership and accountability.

•    The Automotive Training Centre ensures in delivering a learning atmosphere both theoretically and practically with a “hands-on” experience.

•    It works in presenting an opportunity to enhance your career with some meaningful and relevant shop experience.

Goal of Automotive Training Centre

Automotive Training Centre or ATC has the staff and management team, which aim in upholding the unique strengths and highest standards in achieving certain goals:

•    ATC develops and focuses on the core area to work on your expertise (marine service, technical training and automotive).

•    ATC aims in providing you the highest quality of required and related instructions.

•    It works extensively while recruiting the instructors as they are the soul of an effective learning and training purpose.

•    ATC strives to achieve higher levels of student satisfaction along with their personal development.

The Automotive Training Centre has designed their programs and courses which primarily ensure in developing skilled and expert professionals. Some of those programs and courses are discussed below:

•    Automotive

•    Hi-performance

•    Diesel

•    Marine Service

•    Collision

•    PA State Inspection & Emission Certification Courses

Automotive Training Centre or ATC has developed two training centers, which have encircled a huge group of technicians to come under their roof and turn themselves into experts in their own profession. The two training centers include:

•    Exton PA

•    Warminster PA

Scholarship program

Automotive Training Centre or ATC has implemented their continued commitments towards their potential students with some financial aid. Federal Financial Aid Program as entitled by ATC has made some of the ensured easiest ways for the students to carry their training programs with ATC. The financial program included Federal Direct Loans both for the subsidized and unsubsidized students and Pell Grants. The students are required to follow some of the advanced procedures to enrol and entitle for the grants and loans as provided under the leadership of the Automotive Training Centre. Employers’ form

The graduates of the Automotive Training Centre are proficient, prepared and professionals. With the highest quality training programs and expert trainers of ATC, the graduates turn themselves to be the valuable properties for their employers. ATC has introduced a Career Service Department that allows the employers to enrol themselves with ATC absolutely free.

The students’ courses and programs often end in 4 weeks and they turn themselves into job seekers in the local business areas. The employers can register themselves with automotive Training Centre’s career Service Department by completing the profile given to the employers. They can seek the best opportunity to hire the expert graduates who can turn themselves into valuable professionals. The information as provided by the employers remains confidential in Automotive Training Centre; gets released just to the students and graduates of the Automotive Training Centre. The Career Service Department moves ahead with the further proceeding to avail the employers with the queries and their effective solutions.